About me

British Graphic Designer in Melbourne.

Good design can take you anywhere; a different country, a different store, inside a mind that is different to yours. Once you are in that place it can promote an idea or a product, defend an ideology, change long-held perceptions, or simply, and maybe most importantly, start a conversation.

Our relationship with print is evolving but not dying; a magazine cover broke the internet, my favourite teenage book inspired an adult move to China and I just dumped my kindle.

The digital world allows us to use all that is great about print and share it; creating our own spaces, imagining and adventuring, creating and sharing, always working to maintain authenticity and genuine emotional connections.

With experience in the UK, Australia and China, and a passion for typography and illustration, I create beautiful unique design both for online and print.

When I am not creating, you will find me searching for the pantone to match blue Turkish seas from childhood holidays, trying to stand up on a surfboard and rummaging through Op Shops and bookstores for unloved beauty.